Our Story

Pedal Cafe started from dreams turned into reality by our founders Acxell Go and Amica Avena. It started in 2017 in Eastwood City Walk as a pop-up kiosk. Their love for coffee and entrepreneurial spirit motivated them to bring affordable and quality coffee closer to the market. A year later, Acxell and Amica later planted more mobile cafes in different universities, hospitals, malls, night markets, and private events such as weddings and birthdays.

However, as the pandemic hit in 2020, Pedal Cafe had to close all branches. One of the greatest pains of business owners affected by the pandemic was seeing their employees struggle to look for different ways to provide for their families. Few weeks after the first lockdown in March 2020, the owners decided to slowly transition into deliveries. They sent out bottles to friends, colleagues, and relatives to inform them that Pedal Cafe was still present. Fortunately, the brand started receiving great feedback and features online, and the word was spread to different connections.

Just like the majority of the F&B businesses, Pedal Cafe shifted its focus to grow its social media presence instead. This led to opening opportunities for the coffee company – the team decided to expand their cloud kitchen through having distributors in different cities and be readily available through GrabFood and FoodPanda.

Having brewed and delivered hundreds of bottles in the first week, the owners believed to continue with the new direction and business model up to this day. Coffee deliveries helped Pedal Cafe thrive for the past 2 years during the pandemic. Today, the team has been able to reopen the Venice Grand Canal Mall branch and opened a new branch in Mandaluyong. We’re slowly planting our delicious coffee in different places again. As always, we look forward to another year of beginnings and growth.

For more information, feel free to email us at pedalcafeph@gmail.com or check our socials on IG at @pedalcafeph. We’d love to hear from you!