Get to Know Our Best Sellers

With over 15 drinks to choose from, selecting your flavors can be overwhelming. For the first-timers and the indecisive ones out there, you might want to read this article. We’ve curated a list of our best sellers along with each of their flavor profiles and customer feedback to guide you in your decision-making. Still don’t see what you like? Don’t hesitate to message us for help!


Miss Saigon

This is our spin on Vietnamese Coffee (Cà Phê Sữa Đá). Instead of the traditional pourover and filtering method using Vietnamese coffee grounds, we use our house espresso blend as the base. To that comes the addition of the water and condensed milk to achieve the same creamy consistency. If you’re looking for something sweet yet strong, this is the coffee for you. Best enjoyed iced.

“I absolutely love the Miss Saigon! This might be my new favorite coffee. Will be ordering this again and again!”


Spanish Latte

If you’re trying to convert a non-coffee drinker, this is the drink to start with. Arguably more of a dessert, there’s a reason why it’s a fan favorite. It starts with your standard latte with a shot of espresso and two parts milk with condensed milk to sweeten it up. The Spanish Latte has a thicker consistency, almost ice cream-like. What’s not to love about sweet, creamy, and delicious coffee? Best enjoyed hot.


“Your Spanish Latte is so good! Love how sweet and creamy it is!”


White Chocolate Mocha Mocha Latte

One of our newer drinks, the White Chocolate Mocha Latte easily became a crowd-pleaser. This is your go-to drink if you’re craving something sweet without the overwhelming feeling. The sweet white chocolate flavors together with the bitter coffee create the best balance. Best enjoyed iced.

“White Chocolate Mocha is my favorite drink and I’m so happy you guys started selling it too! One of the best I tried for sure!”


Our Mocha Latte is a favorite because the rich chocolate flavors and the already nutty, bold, and chocolatey coffee notes complement one another perfectly. Despite that, it’s not heavy nor too sweet at all. Truly a chocolate lover’s dream. Best enjoyed ice-blended.


“The Mocha is my favorite! I love chocolate and this really does it for me. I think this will be my regular order now!”