Drinks You Should Get Based on Your Love Language

We’ve always heard the phrase “love makes the world go round.” It’s human nature to want to feel that affection and to give it back, explaining why we are inclined to form deeper connections with people. Although, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Every person has a different love language.

Our love language describes how we desire to receive love from others. In honor of the month of love, we’re here to help you understand each one better through Pedal Cafe drinks. Take what you may from this article to treat your special someones, to communicate what you want from them, or to practice self-love!

1. Words of Affirmation

If your/your partner’s love language is words of affirmation, love is most felt through simple words of encouragement, compliments, and the like. Does this resonate with either of you?

You would know then that there’s nothing more romantic than receiving those cute little notes. Buy your partner a gift set of our best sellers or our tea selection if they’re not a coffee drinker. Make sure to add a note to make their day. And it’s just as good for the single ones out there! Surprise yourself with a box of your drinks of choice and add a little note of something nice you want to tell yourself. Click here to shop the Gift Set.

2. Acts of Service

If your/your partner’s love language is acts of service, love is most felt through helping each other out with tasks or even doing so without being asked. Does this resonate with either of you?

Buy your partner’s favorite drink and spice it up using one of our many simple and easy coffee at home recipes! If they like chocolate, make a s'mores mocha latte just by adding some marshmallows. If they’re adventurous, make a dirty matcha by adding a shot of espresso to your matcha. Simple, yet they’ll highly appreciate your efforts for these! If you’re single, make what sounds the best for you. You know what they say, things always taste better when you make them yourself! Click here to check out our Coffee at Home Recipes.

3. Receiving Gifts

If your/your partner’s love language is receiving gifts, love is most felt through getting the other person something that reminds you of them. It doesn’t have to be something grand. Small and thoughtful gifts are just as precious. Does this resonate with either of you?

There’s honestly nothing more thoughtful than sending a box of our Weekly Stash to your loved ones. In a productivity perspective, you’d be encouraging them to stay motivated. On any regular day, you’d be telling them to start it happy and energized. And if you want to buy it for yourself, it’s a great treat for the week with many exciting flavors to choose from! You really can’t go wrong with this. Click here to shop the Weekly Stash.

4. Quality Time

If your/your partner’s love language is quality time, love is most felt through the presence of one another. Happiness comes from receiving undivided attention, engaging in deep conversations, or planning activities together. Does this resonate with either of you?

The perfect drink here is something versatile — one that sparks a conversation, while toned down enough to not distract from the main topic at hand. Try our Mocha Latte. It has just the right amount of bitterness and sweetness without an overpowering chocolate flavor. This is the perfect middle for those who don’t like pure espresso or those who don’t like their drinks too sweet. Have the mocha over breakfast, dessert, or even alone with a good conversation. Click here to shop the Mocha Latte.

5. Physical Touch

If your/your partner’s love language is physical touch, love is most felt through tangible forms of affection such as holding hands, giving hugs, laying close to one another, and more. Does this resonate with either of you?

Trust us when we say that fuzzy feeling of butterflies and warmth is like a hot cup of our crowd-favorite Spanish Latte. Thick, creamy, and sweet, it’s the biggest comfort drink there is — like your favorite person’s touch. And for our single coffee lovers out there, this may be almost better than the real thing! Click here to shop the Spanish Latte.