4 Types of Coffee Lovers and What to Get Them for Christmas

Coffee is a lifestyle. It starts the day, keeps you going, and comforts the soul. As an essential, coffee makes a perfect gift as the Christmas season approaches.

Here is a carefully-curated list of gift ideas for the four different types of coffee lovers in your life:

The Connoisseur

Some would call you a coffee expert. To others, you’re a bit of a coffee snob. Either way, you’re particular about your beans and know your roasts like the back of your hand. As much as you love cafe-hopping, you love brewing your own coffee at home just the same.

Coffee Beans

Elevate your home brews with quality dark-roast beans. Perfect for delicious espresso drinks with rich chocolatey notes.

Php 899, Photo from Pedal Cafe

Coffee on the Go Tumbler

Bring your creations everywhere with you, whether at home or on the go.

Php 420, Photo from Pedal Cafe

Coffee Club Tee

Sport your love for coffee with stylish, minimal tees. Perfect for everyday wear and on the go.

 Php 420, Photo from Pedal Cafe

The Workaholic 

A bit of a homebody, you thrive on cozy, gloomy days that are perfect for journaling. Despite that, you love your iced coffee and absolutely have to start your day with one. Sometimes, you even have it throughout the day — an excuse to boost your productivity. In reality, you just really like the taste.

Weekly Stash

As an avid coffee drinker, it’s necessary to stock up on at least one bottle per day of the week.

Php 600, Photo from Pedal Cafe


Nothing feels better than lounging at home with a comfy sweater to keep you warm during the colder months.

Php 920, Photo from Pedal Cafe


An essential for starting the day with intention, planning out the day, and dumping your thoughts.

Photo from Pinterest

The Sweet Tooth

No matter how full you are, you’re always going to make room for a sweet treat after your meal. As a big dessert person, you’re adamant about the right kind of drink to pair with your sweets. Does black coffee go better with cake? Does green tea go better with pies? You would always know the answer.

Little Kitchen Double Dark Chocolate Cookies

These new delicious double dark chocolate cookies will get you in the Christmas spirit. Perfect for those holiday sweet tooth cravings.

Php 280/Box of 3

Php 530/Box of 6

Photo from Pedal Cafe

Exclusive Christmas Drinks

Take a bundle of the new drinks that taste like Christmas in a cup — Peppermint Mocha, Spiced Tsokolatte, and Dark Chocolate Chai.

Php 320/250mL

Php 380/350mL

Php 1,100/1L

Photo from Pedal Cafe

OFFBLAK Tea Packets

Explore more dessert drink pairings with different tea packets.

Php 445, Photo from Offblak

The Trendy

You live for the creative coffee creations you see on TikTok. The opposite of a purist, you long to try experimental Starbucks drinks, attempt the recipes you watch, and are basically down to try anything with hype.

Best Sellers Gift Set

What better way to stay in the loop than to try the drinks with all the rage. It’s everything you’re looking for — unique flavors like the Miss Saigon and Spanish Latte along with classics like Mocha and Matcha.

Php 550, Photo from Pedal Cafe

Tea Selection

Nothing’s more special than tea concoctions that give a taste of each season.

Php 120/350mL, Photo from Pedal Cafe

Customized sweatshirts/tees

Keep yourself cozy and stylish while cafe hopping. Send us a message to create your own designs!